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Q. What do I need to do to become a member of the SYC?

A. To become a Member, please visit the "How to Join" page on our website and download/print the application form. Contact the Past Commodore if you need help with completing the Application. The membership process includes your application, a tour of the Clubhouse and docks, an interview and orientation and approved or rejected by the Executive. Processing time takes 30-60 days once the application form/package has been received. This and more can be found under About >> How to Join.


Q. What do I need to do to obtain moorage at the SYC?

A. Once your application has been approved by the Board for a Full Membership, you then contact the Vice Commodore to begin your mandatory 20 hours of service. Service hours include volunteering for a Bridge or Committee position, helping a Bridge or Committee member, or providing manual labour around the club, such as maintenance or construction. This can be done throughout the year or during our bi-yearly work parties. 20 hours of volunteer work is required in your first year to obtain moorage and 8 hours each year thereafter. 


Q. What if I'm new in Squamish and I don't know any SYC members?

If you are active in boating and get involved in the local boating activities most likely you will meet someone that is a SYC member and they can introduce you to others - or "start asking around".  SYC social media, such as Facebook and Instagram can help provide connections as well.  Follow our pages in the footer and join the conversations.


Q. What types of Memberships are available?

Full Memberships (19+) are required to live in Squamish and are entitled to all the privileges of the Club. Associate Memberships (19+) are not required to live in Squamish and are entitled to all the privileges of the Club, except maintaining moorage and the right to vote or hold office. Honorary Memberships are elected by the Club are entitled to all the privileges of the Club, except maintaining moorage and the right to vote or hold office. Intermediate Memberships (19-25) are required to have been a Junior Member, live in Squamish, and are entitled to all the privileges of the Club, except maintaining moorage and the right to vote or hold office. Junior Memberships (12-18) are required to live in Squamish and are entitled to all the privileges of the Club, except maintaining moorage and the right to vote or hold office.


Q. How much does it cost to become a member?

A. For Full and Associate Memberships, each pay an initiation fee of $1,600.00 + GST. Full Memberships pay a moorage surcharge of $1,000.00 + GST. These payments are a one time fee and are non-refundable. All Memberships, excluding Honorary who do not pay any fees, pay yearly annual dues of $96.00 + GST. For Intermediate and Junior Memberships, annual dues are pro-rated.


Q. Is the initiation fee refundable if I decide to resign my membership?

A. No, the fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Squamish Yacht Club membership is a non-equity membership.


Q. Does SYC offer a payment plan?

A. No, The Squamish Yacht Club only accepts payment in full upon application.


Q. Which members of my family does the membership include?

A. Full, Associate and Honorary memberships include spouse and their children (up to 19 years old). However, there is only one vote and moorage slip per membership.


Q. What does a SYC membership include?

A. Use of the Club's facilities, such as Clubhouse and docks, attend events, races, and cruises, obtain permanent moorage subject to availability (refer to the Port Captain for more specifics on slip availability), and reciprocal privileges with other major yacht clubs.


Q. I live out of Squamish, can I still join?

A. Yes, you can join as an Associate member if you are 19 years or older.




Q. What is the cost of moorage?

A. Currently moorage is $2 a foot, priced at the total length of the vessel and all attachments. Ie. swim grids, dinghies, bowsprits, etc.


​Q. How long does it take to be assigned moorage?

A. Moorage is in strong demand all over the lower mainland. The Club's prime location and attractive mooring rates make it no exception. Moorage is assigned on the basis of seniority as a Club member and on the availability of slips to match your boat length and beam measurements.


Q. Is there a limit to the size of boat you can have in the Club?

A. The maximum size boat welcome in the Club is 45 feet. Anything larger requires approval from the Bridge.  There is no set minimum boat size.




Q. When are members invoiced?

A. Invoices for membership dues and moorage are mailed semi-annually and due upon receipt of the invoice.


Q. Where can I store my dinghy?

A. Dinghies mounted to a boat may add to the overall measurement for moorage billing purposes. No dinghy can be left in the water more than a week unless approved by the Port Captain. Dinghies mounted on the dinghy dock must register their boat name with the Executive. 1 boat - 1 dinghy. Contact the Port Captain for available space.


Q. Can I use the tide grid?

A. The tide grid is provided to members only, but can only be used if booked with the Port Captain. A Liability waiver must be completed by all users of the tidal grid. The Squamish Yacht Club is not held responsible for loss of personal property or damage caused.


Q. Can I bring a non-member to events or races?

A. Yes, non-members are welcome to all events except the Semi-annual and Annual General Meetings.


Q. Can I share my boat?

A. All boats that have shared ownership must apply for Full membership. One membership must pay the moorage surcharge and provide the primary 20 service hours. Both members are required to show proof of sale, insurance in both names and provide 8 hours of yearly service hours. Keep in mind, Associate memberships do not receive seniority.


Q. Who has to complete 8 hours of service each year? And how?

A. Senior and Associate members who share a boat in the Club have to complete a minimum of 8 hours a year. There are 3 ways for getting your hours in: You can volunteer for a position on the Bridge or a Committee, help a Bridge member or a Committee with their duties, or attend the work party's (2 weekends a year).


Q. Can I pay, hire someone, or take another members hours and use as my own?

A. You cannot pay to bypass the mandatory 20 hours. You also cannot hire someone to do the work for you. This includes members or non-members to do the hours for you. If you do not or would not like to complete your mandatory yearly 8 hours, you will pay the current Government rate for moorage. We volunteer to keep our moorage and membership costs low.


Q. Can I give my gate/clubhouse key to friends, family, mechanic, etc.?

A. No. As per our bylaws, keys are not to be given to non-members at any time, for any reason. Visitors must be accompanied through the gate and on our docks. You are responsible for your visitors. Failing to do so will jeopardize your membership.