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Rachel DaCosta

email: Membership Officer

cell: 604-213-0265


Book an Appointment

1. Application Form Review (30 mins)

2. Club Tour (30 mins)*

3. Interview & Orientation (1 hour)*


Required *


Appointments are available by contacting Membership Officer Rachel (contact info above). All applicants must mail or email the application form prior to booking an appointment. An Application Form Review is not required, but is open to those who have questions about the application form and the Club in general. Please contact the Membership Officer to book your appointment.

The Squamish Yacht Club welcomes applicants of all ages and as demonstrated elsewhere in this site has many programs and opportunities for all. It is generally available to those who have a demonstrated interest in participating in and promoting the development of yachting in all its aspects, including, without limitation, cruising, angling and racing.

The Membership Application Package (see button below) is simple to complete and requires that you have two existing members complete the eligibility section. Please note that a person applying for full membership of the Club must have held principal residence in the Municipality of Squamish for at least (3) months and must maintain their principal residence in the District of Squamish.


Please scan/email or mail your application form to:

Squamish Yacht Club
PO. Box 1681, Squamish, BC, V8B 0B2


email: Membership Officer

All applicants are then contacted by the Past Commodore and both references are checked thereafter. The membership process includes your application/application meeting, a tour of the Clubhouse and docks, an interview, and an orientation. A deposit of not less than $1,600 + GST for the initiation fee and a membership fee of $96 + GST (pro-rated as necessary) is required prior to Board approval. An additional moorage surcharge of $1,000 + GST is required if moorage is needed. The application and payment (cheques only) is then presented to the Board for the approval at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. Soon after, you will be contacted to confirm your acceptance; at that time you may begin enjoying your new Club. Approved applicants' names are then posted in the Club newsletter Yachts and Knots.

*No Board meetings July & August.


If you require moorage, 20 hours of work service is required prior to placement on the moorage wait-list and building seniority. Moorage is based on availability, seniority, and boat size (length, width and hull/keel depth). A Vessel Safety Checklist will need to be completed by RCM-SAR and proof of 2 million liability will need to be submitted.

Welcome aboard!