Enjoy reciprocal privileges at over 50 yacht clubs and the amazing camaraderie that that SYC is known for!

Alphabetical Listing of Reciprocal Clubs


Airport Yacht Club – 49°12.28’ – 123°08.917’     North Arm Fraser River – Milltown Marina

If you wish to use this reciprocal please contact minimum 4 days before the date you wish to moor. This club offers moorage to a maximum of 45′ LOA. Provide the following information”LOA , date/time of arrival/ contact informationAYC will confirm reservation and provide gate code at that time. 

  • 2 reciprocal slips located in the NE corner of Cap Sante Boat Haven. End of O dock – O 91 max 50’ & O 93 max 33’ rafting permitted 2 abreast max

  • Same day reservations can be made by calling the Cap Sante Boat Haven Harbormaster’s Office: Call after 0800 hours ON DAY OF ARRIVAL (360)293-0694 or VHF 66A

  • Between April 1st and September 30th 2 consecutive nights within a 30-day period are complimentary. Maximum 6 days per year. Limited reciprocal moorage is available October through March, check with the Cap Sante Boat Haven Harbormaster before your anticipated arrival.

  • All boats must register upon arrival and observe harbor rules and regulations. Please fly your burgee while at the dock.

  • We invite you to join us at our Clubhouse at the north end of the parking lot at the top of “P-Q” docks. The club is open for cocktails on Fridays from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM.


Anacortes Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Bellingham Yacht Club – 48°45.448’ – 122°30.305’     306-733-7390

  • Plan your course so as to arrive around the west end of the breakwater; a green buoy about 100? out off the end, and a red buoy on the breakwater’s end will help you; there is also a pair of range marks on the shore to guide you in. Turn to starboard around the rock breakwater; you will pass fish houses and a frozen food facility to port, with a large “ICE” sign atop them. Continue around to port, past the Gate 1 Fuel Dock. Continue back toward shore.

  • As you near the shore, you will see the BYC dock parallel to the shore and directly in front of the BYC Clubhouse building (Club rooms are on the lower floor, with the restaurant above). Take any available slip not marked “reserved”. Keep your boat close to any boat ahead of, or behind it, to allow maximum use of the dock.

  • 100ft is available to visitors from reciprocating clubs

  • The restroom and showers are accessible in the Club building when the Club is attended or by special arrangement with the Club’s Dock master or any other officer.

  • A portable holding tank pump cart is in an enclosure right next to the BYC dock.

  • The BYC Dock is available to reciprocal club members on a first-come, first serve basis; about 100 feet is available for reciprocal guest use. The first night’s moorage is free; thereafter, the moorage is $.50/foot per night. Power on the dock is $5.00 per day for each day used. Moorage is limited to three days except by special arrangement. The dock is a side-tie, parallel dock.

  • Collect a BYC registration form/envelope from the small wooden box at the east end of the dock. The information should be completed, and the envelope stub should be posted on a window of the vessel clearly visible from the dock. Prior to departure the envelope containing cash or check should be deposited in the BYC box on the Club (basement) doorway.


Birch Bay Village Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Burrard Yacht Club – 49°18.45’ – 123°05.30’     604-988-0817

  • Report to Clubhouse. Guest slips are assigned upon arrival from vacant member slips.

  • Reciprocal mooring is free for the first 24 hours. Additional nights are $1.00/foot/day. Power $4.00/day (30 amp only available)

  • 7 night maximum per year without approval of the Staff Captain.

  • Washrooms, showers, laundry and ice are located in the Clubhouse (nominal charge).

  • Club keys for Gate

  • Dogs must be leashed.

Canadian Forces Sailing Association – 48°25.60’ – 123°25.90’

  • CFSA visitors’ brochure available on web site

  • NOTE: reciprocal rights suspended for the period of 8-16 June 2010.

  • As CFSA is on a navy base arriving vessels must clear in by calling “Port Security” on Channel 10 VHF prior to entering Esquimalt Harbour, reporting the name of your vessel, the number of persons aboard & your destination (CFSA) a guard boat may approach you for a visual inspection. Keep clear of military facilities –yellow buoys define the closest allowable approach.

  • Visiting berths are normally available on a first-come basis without reservations. Round the barrier barges & visitor berths at the end of the main float are visible and identified by a blue bull rail relatively close to the easternmost barge. Both sides are painted blue and may be approached from either side of the barges. Check in at the bar or the trailer or fill in forms provided.


Cathlamet Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Corinthian Yacht Club of Bellingham - Info. coming soon


Coronado Cays Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Crescent Beach Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Dagmars Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Day Island Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Deas Island Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Deep Bay Yacht Club – 49º27.90’ – 124º43.71’

  • Upon arrival at the private marina, attached to the east side of the government wharf, visiting skippers may dock temporarily in any empty berth.

  • Instructions and a list of available reciprocal berths are posted at the floating clubhouse (with the flagstaff). Please register with the marina manager at (250) 757-8664, or cell (250) 830-8589 or VHF Channel 68. Phone ahead as reciprocal berths may be limited, particularly in peak cruising season. If no reciprocal berth is available, moorage may be available at the government facility on the opposite side of the wharf, or there are protected anchorage areas in the harbour.

  • Reciprocal guests are offered 1 overnight stay free of charge, once per year, extended stay is at the daily rate of $0.50 per foot of overall length with arrangements to be made with the marina manager.


Deep Cove Yacht Club – 49º19.67’ – 122º56.79’     604-929-1009

  • Availability at visitors dock is on a first come first serve basis ; you can arrive without reservation

  • Every effort will be made to accommodate those who call ahead requesting moorage.

  • Limited space available for vessels greater than 35 ft in length

  • Upon arrival please tie up at the visitors dock (Seaward Float) and proceed to the custodian’s quarters for registration. 


Eagle Harbor Yacht Club – 47° 37.226′ N 122°31.23 W’     206-842-4202 (marina office)

  • Located at Winslow Wharf Marina on Bainbridge Island ; 1 slip per club per night ( max 3 slips or 100ft)

  • Check in with harbour master, best to call ahead

  • 1 free night moorage; Detailed map available on yacht club web site


Eagle Harbour Yacht Club – 49º21.89’ – 122°16.23’      604-921-7636

  • EHYC is located between Point Atkinson and Fisherman’s Cove in West Vancouver

  • Guest moorage availability is limited to members vacating their berths during summer vacation months and notifying the Club Superintendent of their anticipated length of time away. As a result, it is advisable that prior notification be made complete with information on length of vessel and other pertinent information. (Messages will be responded to quickly). Phone 604-921-7636 or Fax 604-921-7631. 

  • First two nights are free, additional nights are 50 cents per foot, per night, if moorage is available.

  • Guests may use available moorage spaces belonging to EHYC members plus two additional 40 ft spaces on our dinghy docks.

  • Boats are restricted to 38 ft including all appendages, unless approved by the Club Superintendent.

  • Water and power is available at each slip (15 amps maximum).


False Creek Yacht Club – 49°16.24’ – 123°07.54’  website 604-648-2628

  • North side of False Creek in downtown Vancouver opposite Granville Island Market

  • Check in at the Boating Welcome Centre located directly under Granville St Bridge. Call ahead to the centre at 604-648-2628 or use VHF 66A for moorage information

  • Slips available dependent on members’ absence; 1 night free moorage and utility per visit per month – maximum 4 per calendar year

  • Additional moorage available at a rate of $1.25 per foot per night


Fircrest Yacht Club - Info. coming soon

Flounder Bay Yacht Club – 48°29.40’ – 122°40.60’ 

  • FBYC is located in the Skyline Marina (facility diagrams can be found in Waggoner Cruising guide and The Burgee Book). Flounder Bay Yacht Club (FBYC) is located on the west side of Fidalgo Island, north of Deception Pass and three miles west of downtown Anacortes, Washington. Flounder Bay Yacht Club is an auxiliary of the Skyline Marine Owners Association Condo-18. The FBYC membership consists of owners in Condo -18. It is open to renters of those slips and a limited number of ‘absentee’ members.

  • Check in at courtesy dock, located in front of the Club building, is used for visitor check in only. The building is between “D” & “E” Docks. Follow the instructions given in the club building laundry room for slip assignment. First day is free ($3US for power)


International Yacht Club (White Rock/Blaine) - 49.01 – 122.48 

  • IYC is located at Drayton Harbor, Blaine Washington

  • 1 night complimentary moorage with a maximum of 2 nights per year per boat

  • First come first served basis

  • Upon entering Drayton Harbor, Blaine Marina is the first entrance to port and is marked by a red triangle. The sign also points the way to the transient float, directly in front of the office. Contact harbor office on VHF 68

  • For vessels returning to or entering Canada, customs clearance is available at the White Rock pier in Semiahmoo Bay


Juneau Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Kelowna Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Kingston Cove Yacht Club  -  260-297-3545 (marina office) VHF 65

  • 2 – 50 ft. slips available on a first come, first serve basis located at the foot of the guest dock in the Port of Kingston Marina, Kingston WA. close to the fuel dock. (Guest slips #5 & #6) See Drawing on Page 101 of the 5th Edition of the BURGEE BOOK.

  • $4.00 per day utility charge for all boats, all nights, which includes power if desired. This applies to both sail boats and power boats whether using electricity or not. $4.00 is the minimum charge per boat each night.

  • First night’s moorage charge free (except the $4.00/day charge). Subsequent nights’ moorage are charged at 30per foot, for up to three consecutive nights’ total stay (plus $4/day charge).

  • After docking, you must immediately register at the Port Office and show your current reciprocal yacht club membership card.

  • If you dock after Port business hours, please utilize an after hours yacht club registration envelope found in the dock box next to the reciprocal slips. Do not use the Port registration envelopes. Please deposit registration envelope in the Port lock box by the restrooms. Do not leave any money in the dock box.


Ladner Yacht Club - Info. coming soon

Ladysmith Yacht Club – 48°59.90’ – 123°49.30’

  • LCYC is a floating clubhouse located at the end of “A” dock at Ladysmith Marina, which is on the west shore of Ladysmith Harbour, the last marina on your port side, across the harbour from Page Point resort.

  • $5 per day flat fee includes power

  • Washrooms and laundry are located at the Marina.

  • Visitors are welcome to use the deck; barbecues are located there for guest use. The clubhouse is not open except for scheduled club events.

  • The “green” dock is available for reciprocal moorage 24/7/365. This is on a “first come, first serve” basis.

  • The remainder of the dock around the clubhouse is available except from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, July and August; to facilitate our Junior Sail program.

  • Maximum length of vessels at our reciprocal dock is 45′

  • Visits are limited to 2 nights every three weeks.

  • Place the top copy of the registration form in the box labeled “Completed Registration Forms”. The bottom copy of the form should be displayed on your boat.


Maple Bay Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Morro Bay Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Nanaimo Yacht Club – 49°10.39’ – 123°56.23’      250-754-7011

  • Located approx. 1 mile north of city centre at south entrance of Newcastle Island Passage across channel from Bate Pt. 

  • Moorage is first come first served, check in at office as soon as you have arrived

  • Summer visitor moorage is restricted to K & L docks from Apr 15 to Oct 15 ; 400’ outside east & south breakwater on a first come first served basis

  • 1 day per month $5 utility fee charged

  • Maximum boat size is 60 ft. 

  • Visitor check in zone marked by yellow paint at southern end of H dock for temporary tie as necessary ; inside space may be available; must contact staff to determine availability


Newport Harbour Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Oak Harbor Yacht Club (Whidbey Island) - 48°17.10’ – 122°38.10’


Olympia Yacht Club – 47°02.8’ – 122°54.3’

April 2014: During recent dredging the OYC guest dock was damaged and repairs will not be completed for a month or two. Until then, only two slips are available on the dock for visiting boats.

OYC will attempt to accommodate reciprocals in available member slips, however, space is very limited. Additional moorage is available at the Port of Olympia’s Swantown Marina and the City of Olympia’s Percival Landing.

  • Located adjacent to Percival Landing directly in front of Yacht Club Building. Sign in and acquire key card from Caretakers (deposit required). Closed Sunday & Monday – no key cards available.

  • Reciprocal is eastern 160′ of dock marked in yellow. Max LOA: 80′ Max draft: 6′

  • Time Limit: 48 hours complimentary moorage – 5 days per year – No reservations

  • Occasional vacated member slips available if needed. Check w/Caretakers


Orcas Island Yacht Club (West sound Orcas Island) 48.37.87N 122.57.59W

  • 2 nights per year 200ft dock space, no reservations, rafting is OK, no power or water on dock

  • The YELLOW ZONE on the east side of the OIYC dock may be used by reciprocals when no OIYC members are present. Reciprocals on the yellow zone must yield to any OIYC member. Very small dock at head of sound; moorage limited.

  • Appropriate rafting is expected. The entire dock is reserved for OIYC members for Opening Day, the first weekend in May and for the Round-the-County Race participants, the second weekend of November.

  • Bathrooms will provide hot water during the boating season with an honor system collection box for $1 per shower. The bathroom hallway will be under combination lock (combination available at MBYC club house) during the boating season. Code for access to showers can be found in the registration box on the dock.


Point Roberts Marina Club – 48°58.436’ – 123°03.788’      360-945-2255 (marina office)

  • 4 slips available. Must call 48 hours ahead -(360)945.2255

  • check in at fuel dock for slip assignment after clearing customs

  • Maximum 2 nights /calendar year, additional moorage available @$1/ft/night

  • Monitor VHF 66A

  • If fuel dock is closed call security at 360-945-2166 to process moorage and provide gate key


Point Roberts Yacht Club – 48°58.30’ – 123°03.60’      360-945-2255 (marina office)

  • 2 days reciprocal moorage per year at the Point Roberts Marina dock “H”. 48 hours $5/day – 2 days/year. Add’l nights $1/ft./day.

  • Reservations required by contacting marina manager on VHF 66A or calling marina office. Check for additional information.

  • Upon arrival check in with the dock master and show current membership card to be assigned moorage. The club has only 2 slips available for reciprocal moorage per day. A gate key must be obtained from the dock master with a deposit.


Port Angeles Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Port Ludlow Yacht Club – 47°55.30’ – 122°41.10’

  • 80’ of reciprocal moorage located just inside of the first float at the East End of the Port Ludlow Marina near the fuel dock.

  • Contact marina office 404-405-4965 or VHF 68 to be assigned a slip if space permits

  • 48 hrs free moorage with 5 days/year maximum. Your current yacht club membership card is required.

  • Reciprocal moorage cannot be reserved. Maximum 60 feet.

  • Present membership card and sign in at marina office upon arrival


Port Madison Yacht Club – 47°41. 44’ – 122°32.07’      206-842-8826

  • PMYC is located in Port Madison on the North end of Bainbridge Island (immediately West of the Seattle Yacht Club outstation). Guest dock is 100 feet in length.


Port Townsend Yacht Club – 48°06.50’ – 122°46.20’

  • Reciprocal slip is located at the Port of Port Townsend Boat Haven. 

  • Phone numbers are 800-228-2803 or 360-385-2355. The Boat Haven monitors VHF channels 16, 09 and 66A. 

  • The marina is located west of the Port Townsend ferry dock and is the second major marina on your starboard as you travel south of Point Wilson. It can be entered between a rock breakwater and a piling wave-break. 

  • One slip is available year-round and a second may be available during the summer months. 1 night is free: subsequent nights at marina rates. The limit is 1 night per month and 2 nights per calendar year. Upon arrival, contact the dock master and a slip assignment will be given. Please ask if the PTYC reciprocal slip is available.

  • As soon as you arrive, check in at the Port Office (near the ramp to the fuel dock) and show your Yacht club card & must fly your burgee.  The only other requirement is to enjoy your stay.


Richmond Yacht Club – 49°11.00’ – 123°08.30’     604-278-1913 

  • Enter the North Arm of the Fraser Proceed up river under the Arthur Laing Bridge. Turn into the middle arm of the Fraser to starboard immediately after passing under the bridge.

  • RYC is the last marina on the port side. A 50’ reciprocal dock with 15 Amp. Power is available beside the large boat shed. Other space can be made available with a call ahead. Check in with our resident caretaker or with any member on the docks. A reciprocal key for the marina and clubhouse is available in the clubhouse.


Royal City Yacht Club – 49°30.20’ – 122°54.20’     604-946-1244 

  • Call ahead to ensure available space

  • RCYC offers moorage facilities on the South Arm of the Fraser River Captain’s Cove Marina on the Deas Slough in Ladner BC.

  • 24 hours free moorage; additional moorage may be arranged with the marina manager

  • Amenities include holding tank pump out, washroom/showers, laundry, water and power


Schooner Cove Yacht Club -49.17.28 – 124.07.90       1-800-663-7060 or 250-468-5364

  • SCYC is located at Fairwinds Schooner Cove Resort; – reservations recommended. May have to check Whiskey Golf test range to ensure access- VHF 10

  • 2 non consecutive nights per year ; 150’ of moorage on floats B,C & D or vacant member slips


Semiahmoo Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Shelton Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club – 48° 40.50’ – 123°24.98’

3 nights per month : $5 per night fee for first night which includes showers and power ; $5 plus $.75 per foot for 2nd and 3rd. Keys to the gate are not available until the clubhouse opens. 

  • Excellent pdf document outlining reciprocal information on website

  • SNSYC is located in Tsehum Harbor on the North side of Blue Heron Basin.

  • Reciprocal moorage at North Saanich Marina on the inside of a 260’ dock.

  • Gate key & washroom code from the Club Bar or a Dock Host. There is a $25 charge for missing keys.

  • check signage at club to determine if rafting is permitted or call ahead to club to check


Silva Bay Yacht Club – 49° 08.99N’ – 123° 41.807W’

Visitors are welcome to our reciprocal dock at Page’s Resort & Marina. This marina monitors VHF channel 66a.Telephone: 250-247-8931 – Fax: 250-247-8997 – Email: – Mail: 3350 Coast Road, Gabriola , B.C. V0R1X7

Moorage: The guest dock is 46 feet and is clearly marked with SBYC signage. In addition, extra moorage may be available when member slips at Pages are vacant. A reciprocal club member may stay two days per month from October 1st to April 30th and one day per month from May 1st to September 30th. These days may be consecutive except Friday and Saturday nights. Please bring your current membership card to the marina office and register as soon as possible after arriving. 

Rules and Facilities:

  • Fly your club burgee at all times.

  • All pets on leash, please use the marina “dog walk“ (follow the signs at the head of the dock) and clean up after your pet.

  • Auxiliary power units between 0900 and 2100 only, no open fires or BBQ on the floats (BBQ on boat ok)

  • Silva Bay is a holding tank area. Use your holding tank or the marina Washrooms.

  • Electric service at $ 5.00 per day. Gas, diesel, water (for fresh water tanks only) at the fuel dock.

  • Gabriola Island has a water shortage in summer and water may be rationed. Showers, toilets, laundry and garbage are located at the head of the dock.


Sinclair Inlet Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Swinomish Yacht Club - 48.23.64N 122.29.74W

  • SYC reciprocal dock is located inside the La Conner Marina’s visitor dock. 

  • Enter the marina just south of the fuel dock and then turn south. 

  • The dock offers 75 ft for visiting yacht club boats on the west side of the dock (the east side of the dock is reserved for the Swinomish Yacht Club dock master/members only).

  • The SYC dock has 30 amp power and water. Showers and restroom facilities can be found at the head of the main dock.

  • SYC dock master Brent Malone Fish Tales 360-466-7418 (at time of printing)


Three Tree Point Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


Vancouver Rowing Club – 49°17.80’ – 123°07.80’      604-687-3400

  • VRC is located at the N.W. end of Coal Harbor. Moorage is available all year. Dock space is very limited and reservations highly recommended. Phone to verify that space is available.

  • Dock your boat at the guest dock, located next to the mast tower on the “non-secure side of the gate in front of the Clubhouse. Please proceed to the office for a berth assignment.

  • Power is available for $3.00 per day. A credit card imprint or refundable deposit of $50.00 is required for a moorage gate and club access fob.

  • First 2 days free, additional days $1.50 per foot. Maximum stay is 7 days; however, longer stays may be possible, space permitting. This may be arranged through the office.


Ventura Yacht Club - Info. coming soon


West Sound Corinthian Yacht Club - Info. coming soon

West Vancouver Yacht Club – 49°21.38’ – 123º16.39’      604-921-7575

  • WVYC is located at Fisherman’s Cove; Approach see Chart #3534 ; See Charts #3512 (Strait of Georgia) or #3586 (Howe Sound)

  • Moorage is subject to availability ; visitors should contact the office, two days before arrival, at 604-921-7575 to ascertain if an open slip is available

  • Upon arrival secure your vessel at the dinghy float (outer “A” section) or at the Emergency float(inside “C” section), and report to the office or Watchman for mooring assignment

  • Gate key available for $20.00 returnable deposit

  • Visitors receive two nights free stay (per year), after which the charge is $0.30 per foot, per day (minimum charge length 25 feet); power is approximately $2.50 per day with no grace period.


Willamette Sailing Club - Info. coming soon


Yakima Valley Boat Club - Info. coming soon