With more than 600 years of British Royal navy tradition, this event marks the opening day of boating. Come and celebrate with us!




The Sailpast or “review of the fleet” is steeped in more than 600 years of British Royal Navy tradition and history and was introduced in yacht clubs around the world as a continuation of the naval habit of having Admirals (and/or Royalty) review the fleet on special occasions.


“Sailpast” is based on the nautical tradition that when you meet your superior at sea, you are required to render the normal “naval salute” by dipping the Canadian Ensign and waiting for the response. In and around yacht clubs, this can become a nuisance with so many boats. It seemed a better idea to condense this tradition into one ceremonial salute at the beginning of the boating season instead of saluting at every meeting. Thus, the annual Sailpast was created.

Sailpast each year became the date by which to get the boat ready for cruising season – to get the bottom scraped and painted; to clean off the winter grime; and to celebrate the joy of boating and the comradeship of fellow boaters in the yacht club community. For many yacht clubs, the Sailpast also became a visible message to the surrounding community. It said to neighbours, the marine industry and even civic government that “This yacht club is substantial; it’s lively and growing; and it has unique marine traditions and celebrations that reflect well on the community.”

According to Vice Commodore Marshall Pollock of the Island Yacht Club,


“A yacht club is more than a social club and it is more than a boating club or a place to park your boat. As members of a yacht club, we are part of the Global yachting community around the world, complete with reciprocity and an inheritance of yachting’s history, traditions, customs, and courtesies. As an active member of that fraternity we ought to practice those customs and courtesies in how we behave, dress, conduct our ceremonies, fly our flags and honour that tradition.”

What this means for the Squamish Yacht Club is that our annual Sailpast is our connection to our club history, our yachting tradition, and our club visibility in the community of Squamish. It is our chance to “strut our stuff” for the local community and, hopefully, attract the attention of fellow boaters who might want to come and join us.


Over the years, we have celebrated Sailpast together each spring and reaffirmed for the community and each other how much we value our yacht club and the comradeship and link to yachting tradition that makes us special.




     If you're a member:

     Put on those dress whites and navy jackets, swab those decks, and    

     get ready to party with your fellow yacht club members!


     If you're a spectator:

     See the show up close! Watch the tradition unfold at Nexen Beach

     from 1pm - 3pm. We hope to see you there!